Jon, Perry and Dave
Jon, Perry Ford and Dave .
A few years before Mike joined.

Here's the short history so far  

Perry Ford was the only original member to keep the band together through the late 60’s, which is when Dave joined to add his unique falsetto voice and keep the sound alive and original. Dave and Jon kept The Ivy League going through the 70’s and beyond, (With Perry’s blessing) at a time when most 60’s bands had faded away. They built the show in to one of the best cabaret acts in the country, starring at all the top venues of the time ~ The Night Out, Birmingham ~ Talk of the Town, London ~ Batley Variety Club ~ Wakefield variety Club ~ The Bailey Circuit ~. Winning many awards such as - Club Mirror “Comedy Vocal Group” of the year -. This is not a tribute, but a genuine continuation over the last 40 years without break. There was never a question about “ purchasing” the name, as it has always been with the band down through the years.

Mike, having worked with The Ivy League on several occasions through the 60's and 70's, joined on a permanent basis in 1990.

Just One Moment Please